The Details Make the Difference

Encouraging social awareness by caring about the details.

About Details

Details-8357Meet Bobbi, the Creative Mastermind (or as the team fondly refers to her, Chief Inspirationalist) of Details.

Throughout the years, Bobbi has encouraged others to ask questions about the clothing and products they use.  Where was this made?  How was this manufactured?  Who created this?  Are the ingredients and practices kind to the environment and humanity?  She provokes us to consider the details, for these are what really matter.

The more she learns, the more she teaches about social responsibility, eco-consciousness, sustainability and fair trade.  This led to the birth of Details, a fun, hip boutique salon dedicated to wonderful products, clothing, and services that truly represent her message.  It is possible to look gorgeous, feel fabulous, respect the budget and utilize the natural gifts our planet has to offer.

Along with the boutique, the new facility offers kind hair services, Reiki, massage and waxing.  It is run by people who truly care about the environment and humanity.

Please make sure to check out our blog often to keep in tune with updates and our calendar of events for fun workshops promoting good health and happiness.  If you are unable to make it into the shop, you can now purchase from our online store here.  Join us for the beautiful ride.

Peace.  Love.  Details.


One comment on “About Details

  1. chirose
    January 3, 2015

    Thanks for the blog follow.!!

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