The Details Make the Difference

Encouraging social awareness by caring about the details.

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Details promotes individuality, tolerance and love for all things living by bringing you some of the best that eco-friendly fashion has to offer.  All of our clothing and accessories are made from recycled, upcycled, organic and sustainable materials.  We are committed to bringing you fair trade products, which means our producers and artisans are given fair wages and work under proper and healthy conditions. Visit our shop, meet up with us at various events, or schedule an appointment for a personal shopping experience. We look forward to seeing you!

Here are some important things to consider:


1.  To treat or process used or waste materials so as to make suitable for reuse.

2.  To undergo reuse or renewal; be subject to or suitable for further use etc.


1.  The art of repurposing what could be thrown away into something of greater use or value.

Organic Materials

1.  Materials grown in an environment where no pesticides, chemical fertilizers or herbicides have been used for a minimum of three years.

2.  The dying and finishing of organic materials for processing is strict and eliminates all materials that are harmful to the body and to the environment.


1.  Pertaining to a system that maintains its own viability by using techniques that allow for continual reuse.

Fair Trade

1.  A system of exchange that honors both producers and consumers as well as the environment and the communities that we are all a part of by establishing a fair price for products and fair, healthy labor conditions. It also has strict human rights and child labor laws and encourages women’s participation and leadership.

2.  The prices cover the cost of production and wages that will allow for food, shelter, clothing, education and medical costs.

3.  A portion of the cost goes back into supporting the communities and into strengthening the individual businesses.

4.  Fair trade also encourages artisans and farmers to commit to sustainable production practices.

5.  Fair trade also empowers small scale producers by allowing each producer to own a portion of the business and gain equal returns from the market.


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